What is HRDQ?

Experience shows that people learn better by doing. Our DLMineo training solutions don't just tell how something should be done—they show you! Our customizable workshops, interactive games, energizing activities and insightful assessments involve participants in a visceral manner. Using our training materials, frontline employees and senior executives alike will reflect, experience, practice, modify and integrate skills rather than just observe them. This way, they can confidently apply what they’ve learned to their own work and perform better.


We understand that placing people in situations where they can both learn and practice new skills increases the likeliness of successfully transferring and adapting those skills to their workplace. It’s all about the experience: Better Learning. Better Performance. Better Life. 

HRDQ eLearning and Classroom Library meets your training demands.

The DLMineo eLearning and Classroom Library contains over 300 hours of customizable soft skills training. You get a full curriculum of employee training programs on today’s most in-demand topics. Every classroom program comes complete with professional materials, participant guides, and utilizes a Microsoft® PowerPoint® style presentation.


Our e-learning titles are also offered online in an easy-to-use web-based format. Each program is research-based to ensure that participants learn the skills that will enable them to make real performance improvements.


It's a complete, research-based training library. It's customizable to your organization's needs and offers a comprehensive range of topics, including communication, leadership, team-building and more.


Quality Content
Research-based content provides a reliable, learning-rich experience.


In-Demand Topics
Choose the training topics you need - communication, leadership, team building, negotiating, and more.
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We want you to be satisfied—try it before you buy it. Click Here to try one of our eLearning titles, "How To Make Yourself Indispensable". It's totally free for you to try online! With our risk-free guarantee, you can get started today.

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